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About us

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About Quinn Martin & Langan

Quinn Martin & Langan are a Glasgow based law firm who have been in business for over 50 years. From the very beginning and to this day, we have aimed to provide legal services in the key areas that we see affect our clients lives. We believe we have the legal experience and range of skills to offer a comprehensive service to all our clients. 

In Immigration law

In Immigration law, our vast experience and all round service set us out as unique. Glasgow first started welcoming refugees over 30 years ago and we at Quinn Martin & Langan have provided representation to those seeking asylum from the very beginning. This history has allowed us to become experts in Immigration Law.

We represent foreign nationals in every area of Immigration Law, helping clients obtain visas for themselves and family members, settled status and British Citizenship.

Immigration law is an increasingly complex and strict area of law and we keep fully up to date to deliver results for our clients.

In the areas of Family Law and Criminal law

In the areas of Family Law and Criminal law, we have vast experience in representing clients in all Scottish Courts including at Justice of the Peace Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Court of Justiciary.  
Our senior partner has been successfully representing clients in Scottish Courts for 40 years. 

How we can help

We are a small firm, and intentionally so, as we aim to make sure we deliver a properly focussed service to all our clients. All of our legal team have remained with Quinn Martin & Langan throughout their careers and this continuity has enabled us to know exactly how our clients need to be served and to provide the highest quality of service to them. Our focus on quality has resulted in members of our law firm being appointed to respected positions in the Judiciary as Sheriffs, a Judge of the High Court of Justiciary and an Immigration Judge.

We are committed to using modern technology and are ready to start working for clients wherever they may be living and when necessary without a requirement to travel to our office.

If you need help in any of the areas we practice, we are here ready to help.