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Partner & Family Visas 

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If you wish to join your partner in the UK and they are either a British citizen or are settled in the UK, then you can apply for a Family Visa as a Partner.

Partner and Family Visas

  • What is a Partner?

    A “partner” is:
    ● a spouse● fiancé(e)● civil partner or proposed civil partner● unmarried partner (where a couple have been living together akin to marriage for two year

  • How long can you stay?

    The first Visa allows you to enter and stay in the UK for 30 months (2.5 years), or for 6 months if you are applying as a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner. Before the expiry of this Visa you will need to apply to extend your stay for another 30 months (2.5 years). After a 5 year period as a partner, you can apply for settlement (Indefinite leave to remain) in the UK if you meet the relevant requirements. 

  • What are the main eligibility requirements for a Partner Visa?

    • you and your partner both need to be 18 or over• your partner in the UK must have one of the following:
    a) British citizenshipb) Settled Status/Indefinite Leave to Remainc) Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection 
    • you must be able to prove you are in a genuine relationship• you need to prove you have a good knowledge of English by passing an exam• you need to prove there is suitable accommodation available for you to live with your partner in the UK• you and your partner must meet the strict financial requirements to show you can be financially supported when you come to live in the UK• if you are a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner that you intend to marry or enter a civil partnership within 6 months of arriving in the UK

  • How do I meet the financial requirements?

    Meeting the very strict financial requirements is always the most difficult aspect of preparing a successful application. For most people applying they seek to satisfy the financial requirements by relying on the income of their UK based partner’s employment. To do so it must be shown that the UK based partner has an annual gross income(before income tax and national insurance) of £18600. If a partner is applying to enter with one child a gross annual income of £22400 must be shown and for any additional children an extra £2400 for each child.
    It is important to note that different types and amounts of evidence will require to be shown depending on how long the UK based partner has been in the employment being relied upon. 
    If the UK based partner is not in employment or in employment but earning less than the minimum income specified, a second or more forms of employment can be included to make up the minimum income required. Other forms of income from non-employment can be relied upon. This can include, e.g., rental payments from property, interest from investments etc. 
    Cash savings, pensions, earnings from self-employment or by being a director of a company can also be relied upon. If the UK based partner is in receipt of certain benefits you do not require to meet the financial requirements.
    The numerous ways to calculate income, the number of sources that can be used or combined, and the very strict evidence required in respect of each type makes this process extremely complex and why seeking expert advice is advised.

How can we help applying for a Partner Visa?

We will offer you a fixed fee service and we will undertake the following work on your behalf:

    We will meet with you and obtain all relevant information from you about your family circumstances and advise if you meet the strict Immigration Rules to apply for a partner or family visa.
    If you meet the Immigration Rules, we will advise you in detail of the specific evidence you require to obtain from your partner outside the UK, your employer, landlord, bank, accountant etc.
    When you have obtained all the evidence we will ensure the evidence is complete and in the format required by the Immigration Rules. If necessary, we will correspond with your employer, accountant, landlord and any other person or organisation to make sure the correct evidence is obtained.
    We will keep you updated in respect of the progress of the application, carry out all relevant correspondence with the Home Office and inform you immediately when we receive a decision.
    We will prepare the visa application through the Home Office Online system and when you are happy it is complete and accurate we will submit the application on your behalf.
    We will assist you in processing payment for the fees charged by the Home Office for the visa application including the Immigration Health Surcharge.
    We will book an appointment for your partner at a Visa Centre in the country where your partner lives and make sure they have all the documents required for their appointment.
    We will prepare all the evidence to support the application and submit this to the Home Office online or by post.

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