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Claiming Asylum in the UK

Remaining in the UK as a refugee.

Claiming Asylum Lawyers for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Across Scotland

If you are at risk of persecution in your country, and are unable to return because of this risk, you may be recognised as a refugee and should claim asylum.

In order to be recognised as a refugee you must:

● Be outside your country of origin, or if you are stateless, the country in which you usually live;
● Have a well-founded fear of persecution on the basis of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or your membership of a particular social group;
● Be unable or unwilling to receive protection from the government authorities in your country;
● Have no part of your country where you are able to live safely or that you can reasonably be expected to go and live.

If you are successful:

● If you are recognised as a refugee or granted humanitarian protection, you will be given permission to stay in the UK for five years. If your partner or children under the age of 18 applied at the same time as you as your dependants, they will also be given permission to stay. After five years you can apply for Refugee Settlement and 12 months after settlement apply for British Citizenship;
●  You will have the same rights to work, education, healthcare and benefits as a settled person. In addition, you can apply for a travel document, which you are able to use if you want to travel abroad.

How we can help

The City of Glasgow has been receiving asylum seekers via the Home Office’s dispersal scheme for at least 30 years. Quinn Martin & Langan have represented people claiming asylum throughout these 30 years and continue to do so today. 
We have extensive experience and expertise in helping clients claim asylum and appeal against Home Office refusals of asylum to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber. We have represented clients from every continent of the world and have an expert knowledge of the problems individuals face in different countries and why they need to claim asylum.

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