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Interdicts Lawyers in Glasgow, Scotland

If you have suffered intimidating, abusive or unsettling behaviour, you may be able to seek an Interdict to protect yourself.

Under the law, you should not be made to feel as if you are being harassed. In family circumstances, this can include domestic abuse, stalking, recurring, unwanted phone calls or messages or verbal abuse. If you have faced conduct which you believe amounts to harassment, get in touch with our team today. Our solicitors have worked with clients from all backgrounds in relation to Interdicts, and we will do all we can to protect you and your family from threatening behaviour. 

  • What is a Matrimonial Interdict?

    The breakdown of family relationships is never easy, but when you need additional protection, an Interdict could be the right solution. A Matrimonial Interdict prohibits or refrains certain behaviour from one spouse towards the other, or any child of the family. Such an Interdict may also prevent one spouse from entering the family home, the new or another residence of the spouse applying for the Interdict, the applicant's place of work, or the school or other business of care of a child in the family. 

  • What is a Non-Harassment Order?

    A Non-Harassment Order can protect you from behaviour that is intended to cause you alarm or distress. The behaviour in question does not need to be unlawful or abusive, so long as it causes you to feel upset or afraid you may be able to apply for a Non-Harassment Order. In family relationships, this can cover behaviour such as repetitive phone calls or texts. To apply for such an order, the behaviour must have taken place at least twice, unless it amounts to domestic abuse.

  • What happens if someone breaches a Non-Harassment Order?

    Breaching a Non-Harassment Order is a criminal offence. If your spouse or former partner breaches such an order, they can be imprisoned, fined or both. 

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If you need to prevent unwanted contact, harassment or abuse, contact our team right away. Quinn Martin & Langan can help you to protect yourself and your family. When you contact us, we will act quickly to achieve your desired outcome and will explain everything to you clearly and concisely.