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Grandparent's Rights

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Grandparent's Rights Lawyers in Glasgow, Scotland

If you are a grandparent and you are concerned about contact with your grandchild, we understand - and we can help. 

Grandparents often provide significant care and take on parental responsibilities, playing an essential role in the life and development of their grandchild - not to mention in supporting families with childcare. As a result, it can be devastating when a grandparent is suddenly deprived of spending time with their grandchild.
We can provide support and practical solutions. Our lawyers can assist you in securing a contact arrangement with your grandchild, working to preserve family relationships where possible. 

  • Can a parent deny me access to my grandchildren?

    Typically, problems for grandparents arise when divorce or separation occurs. Divorce and separation can make it challenging to resolve childcare and contact arrangements. This is particularly true for grandparents, who may be forced to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren only during the contact times allocated to the non-resident parent. In many circumstances, grandparents are denied access and contact hours of their own. Our family solicitors can help you to arrange your contact if you have been denied this precious time with your grandchild. 

  • What options are available to grandparents who have been refused contact with their grandchildren?

    There are several options available to you if you have been denied access to your grandchildren. Our specialist family lawyers provide practical and sensitive legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances. We will explain all of your options to you.


    We would always advise speaking to all parties involved and trying to come to a mutually agreeable solution. We can advise you on all of your options before you enter into negotiations, so you fully understand how best to present your case.


    Mediation is designed to allow your family to discuss their circumstances and come to an agreement with the help of a professional mediator. The mediator will structure the discussion and help you to navigate difficult subjects.

    Court action

    Taking court action should always be a last resort for grandparents who are looking to secure contact with their grandchildren. However, if discussions have failed, and you cannot come to an agreement, court action may be necessary. Our lawyers can make a court application on your behalf. The court has the power to make an order granting you access to your grandchildren, and if granted, a Contact Order will formalise your right to contact with your grandchildren. Where one or both of the child’s parents object to the application, you may need to attend a court hearing. 

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