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Emergency Care Orders

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Emergency Care Orders Lawyers in Glasgow, Scotland

If your family is facing an emergency care order, such as a Child Protection Order (CPO), this can have a significant impact on your family life. 

Removing a child from a family without their consent is a serious interference with family life, but can take place on an emergency basis where there is reason to believe a child is at risk. The harm caused by such upheaval can take months or even years to repair, so where possible, it is in all parties’ best interests to avoid removal of a child in the first place. We can help. 

What is an emergency care order? 

The most commonly used emergency care order is a Child Protection Order (CPO). A CPO intervenes in a parent or carer’s right to determine where their child or the child they care for may live. 

  • Who can apply for a Child Protection Order?

    A CPO may be sought either by the local authority or another individual who believes the child is at risk. The Sherriff Court will often consider a CPO outside regular business hours - this is one of the only types of applications that will be considered in this way, which indicates the gravity of these orders. 

  • How long does a Child Protection Order last?

    A CPO is designed to be a tool for use in emergencies. Under the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011, a Child Protection Order will last for a maximum of eight working days. Furthermore, a CPO must be reviewed within two working days by a children’s hearing. If the order is not terminated at this point, it must be reviewed again within eight working days. 

  • Can I challenge a Child Protection Order?

    ou have the right to appeal against a CPO being made in the first place, and also a right of appeal to every decision made in any subsequent children’s hearings.

    CPO applications are serious, and applications are turned around very quickly. As a result, you must not delay in seeking legal advice on your position. We can provide you with the best chance of a positive outcome for you can your family. Contact our solicitors today. 

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